breathing life into images of The day that the people you love most in the world were all in the same room, when it rushed by in a blur of vows and champagne, hugs and tears. The little moments that happened so quickly, they slip from your mind.

Relaxed, dreamy and perfectly you; wedding photos that capture the essence, feeling and details of your one amazing day. It’s a little bit photojournalistic, pretty and a whole lot of fun. The best memories come from actual memories, the moment he sees you, the moment you put that ring on her finger, the sneaky tears that Mum tries to hide; not from standing around in too many silly poses capturing clichéd images. So we will capture the former and kick all of the latter to the curb, together.


Let me tell you a story, your story.


In the morning, getting ready, arriving and gazing at one another, tying the knot, kissing, hugging, congratulating, families, bridal parties, kids, adults, landscapes and arrival at the party of your dreams. I am there. I will keep the men folk happy as I like to work quickly, It is the one day you have as many of the people you love in the same room as humanly possible; you don’t want to be spending too much time with me... but that won’t mean you miss out.

I will work with the light, visit your favourite places and make you laugh. I will include your family in any way you like (or we can disappear without them, for a little wander on the beach, in the forest or down an old beaten track.) The day will fly by before you know it, so let me capture the details allowing you to relive the moments over and over again and maybe even discover a few you missed. If you are a lover of love, natural images and captured glances...



Wedding photography is a lot of things, but it primarily is an investment.

After all is said and done, your photos are what helps you remember exactly how you felt at that moment in time. When you saw her for the first time, coming down the aisle; when you couldn't believe he was crying when he saw you and when everyone you loved had the chance to give you a squeeze. Not to mention all of the beautiful details you spent months preparing. Let me do the heavy lifting on the capturing, so you can simply enjoy your day.



Let's chat about the best option to suit your style.

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— Atticus

“ For me standing in front of the camera sucks! Especially if it’s just me, or me and one other (even if that one other is my wife!!). I was more nervous about having my photo taken than anything else on my wedding day. I SHOULDN’T have been, Em is AMAZING at what she does. Gets results that I would never have thought possible. Made my rough head look respectable next to my beautiful bride.

Thanks for capturing our memories. You’re the best!”

- Ben Hughes, Ocean Grove, VIC

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