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Or it might as well be. I was once told I see the world in frames, and I can't think of a more perfect way to describe what I do.


Hi there, I’m Emma Newby — a Brisbane-based photographer who weaves stories through imagery you’ll hold in your heart for a lifetime.


The camera has been in my hand for as long as I can remember. 

First, it was my Mama's old Pentax SLR. The film was expensive, so my shoots were ‘make believe’ and I remember feeling very grown up as I clicked away and pretended to wind the film. 

Then came a precious camera of my own; a hot pink 110.

And you could say that’s where the love affair really took hold.

Through the years, the equipment may have changed (I promise I won’t come to our shoot with my vintage hot pink 110!) but my love for capturing emotion in all its forms, and working artfully with light, certainly hasn't.

Be it the love between lovers, families or a speaker sharing their story with an audience, the objective isn't any different.


I want your memories to reflect YOU.


I’m sure you can bring to mind a visual of a unnaturally posed photo that misses the mark when it comes to evoking a feeling.


What we do together is on the opposite end of the spectrum.



Together, we will embrace the 'you-ness' of you and yours.

We will laugh, we will run, we will play and we will do it together. We will create. You create the memories, I capture the art that is you. 


A little about my style...

I am hard-wired for finding beauty in the everyday. I love light. I love shadow. I love laugh lines. My intention is that while we shoot, you feel as if you are hanging out with a dear friend, the kind you are comfortable being your true self around. That you simply be you, while I capture your unforgettable moments.



On a personal note


I AM :

+ A lover of deep connection, soulful conversation… and of course, great coffee.

+An ENFP, the introverted extravert. 

+ A Sagittarian — with a Leo’s mane — and a true mermaid. Give me sunshine, saltwater, and sand between my toes, and I’m in HEAVEN.

+ Any Aunty to four little people and a few very special others.

+ A professionally trained coach, fantastic listener, and raving personal cheerleader. A big part of my mission is to remind people of how incredible they truly are…  so consider yourself warned...

+ A perfectly imperfect human being. Like us all, I’m a work in progress. Sometimes I’m a little uncomfortable in my skin. Sometimes I let ‘that voice’ speak a little too loudly. My dancing skills may also need a little work.


My hugs, on the other hand… WELL. I may just give you the best squeeze of your life.

Being behind the lens is my bliss. In front of — not so much.